Michael's Webserver

You're probably looking for my photos.

Alternatively, you might be after my notes for the Cambridge mathematics degree, or for the CASM/Part III course.

If I'm really lucky, you're looking for my fiction, or my webcomic, Legacy.

If you're looking for anything else, chances are it's still here, but you'll have to know where to find it.

My AniDB profile will tell you what animé I've watched. For the past year or so I've made a point of writing a review for any series I've seen, which could serve as a source of recommendations (or at least, information) if I don't know you well enough to be more specific. In case you care what music I've been listening to, I also have a Last.fm profile.

My OpenPGP key fingerprint is 400A C7D2 E7A1 802A AE2C C459 B1E5 712A 6D03 3D61.